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Lokananda Yoga

Lokananda Yoga Class Schedule

Evening Classes:

Alternating Fridays                     6:00pm to 8:00pm

        Due to the nature of this yoga class sizes are limited. Please schedule in advance.

Walk-ins are not available at this time.

$15 a class

What is Lokananda Yoga?

In Sankrit “Loka” = “place” or “location”, In Sanskrit “ananda” = “bliss”.

Translating Lokananda as “A place of bliss”.

Learn a unique approach to yoga! Lokananda yoga specializes in core opening and decompression of the spine – from tail to top. This therapeutic style of yoga reaches into and releases the deep-seated layers of spinal tension in your body. This inner opening creates healing and personal transformation, and allows for the illuminative inner experience of your own divine essence. It uses precise angles, soft blankets as props, and hands on personalized adjustments so that the body opens gently, yet deeply from the inside out. This non-athletic, supported practice of yoga helps the process of your yoga practice and allows you to experience the true therapeutic aspects of asanas (yoga poses). The benefits are far beyond physical! Core opening helps dissolve physical and mental blockages (pain, discomfort, and old mental patterns, etc.). Lokananda yoga is very approachable and beneficial for anyone from new students to experienced yogis. Come experience a powerful & authentic yoga practice. (If you have any physical limitations, please contact us before participating in group classes. Private one-on-one yoga classes are available to meet your needs.)

Lokananda yoga works within a completely different paradigm, “Release vs. Stretching”.

Lokananda yoga is designed to unravel the deepest tensions in your body, those muscles that are wrapped so tightly around your spine. Most other yoga styles place their emphasis on peripheral stretching and focus on other joints, like hips, legs, shoulders, and understand yoga as another form of physical exercise. You must avoid over stretching ligaments and become a deceptively flexible person!! When ligaments get overstretched and your joints hyper-flex, your spinal muscles tighten up to stabilize those hyper-flexible joint causing inner tension along the spine that can translate out to the organs and nervous system.